Spring is on The Woodlands, Texas, horizon. Are you thinking about lowering your home energy costs this spring? Instead of waiting until summer to boost your home air conditioner’s energy efficiency, find out how an HVAC maintenance check and other tips can help you control energy costs for your home this spring.

Make Use of Your Windows and Refresh Your Window Coverings

Spring often means cool mornings and warm afternoons, but you can make this temperature shift work for you. During the morning, keep the blinds up and the windows open if possible to let the breeze inside. When the temperature starts to rise around noon, close your windows and bring down the blinds to keep out excess heat.

Once evening arrives, you can open your windows to allow some cooler air to enter your home and control your air conditioner use. Spring is also an ideal season to change your window coverings from heavy drapes to lighter-colored curtains.

Use the Fans

Whether they hang from your ceiling or remain on the floor, fans offer some of the most economic cooling ability for your home, especially when the weather doesn’t quite call for turning on your air conditioner. Choose fans that are Energy Star-approved models, so that they use less energy when running.

Don’t put the fans away once you begin using your air conditioner during the summer. Use a fan to supplement your air conditioner cooling. When you pair up a fan with your air conditioning unit, you won’t need to set the air conditioner as low to keep yourself comfortable.

Schedule Your HVAC System’s Maintenance Early

A spring check of your HVAC system will enable you to keep the system operating efficiently when the summer heat arrives in Texas. A well-tuned air conditioning unit has a longer lifespan, needs fewer repairs, and works more efficiently to reduce energy use.

Are you wondering how your air conditioner is going to perform this spring and upcoming summer? Call one of our Integrity Comfort Solutions service technicians at 281-346-3095 so that we can service or repair your system this spring.