4 Keys to Staying Warm This Winter

Now that we’re moving into the middle of the winter season, things may get colder, and that means you’re going to see your heating bills go up. But even if you can’t control the fact that your heating demands will rise during the season, you can control just how much you ultimately end up paying.

Try these four key tactics you during the winter season to keep your home warmer, but your bills lower!

1 – Winterize What You Can

There’s no arguing that the best results are professional results, but sometimes, for smaller jobs, the time and expense may not justify it. Or maybe you have a plan for bigger budget projects but want to see some improvement now.

Whatever the case, you can undertake your own home winterizing projects. A quick inspection of your home’s walls and foundation can reveal holes or cracks that cold air—and rodents—can use to gain entry into your home. Sealant can fix this. Old windows and frames can be quite drafty, but plastic window insulation sheets create the bubble of air that keeps the cold out.

humidifier_staywarm_winter2 – Install a Humidifier

In more humid parts of the country, the weather feels warmer because moisture in the air retains heat. That same rule of “moist air feels warmer” applies to everything, including your own home.

Not only do you benefit from healthier skin if you can keep more water vapor in the air of your home during the dry winter season, but you’ll also feel warmer as well.

Humidifiers come in various sizes depending on your need, so you can either buy a smaller unit for individual rooms or, as with a furnace or air conditioner, get a larger residential model installed to take care of the entire home.

3 – Upgrade Your Thermostathow_old_is_your_thermostat-jpg

Older thermostats lack the flexibility, control, and functionality of new thermostats. With a new thermostat, not only do you get the convenience of being able to control your house temperature from your phone, but, you can even program different temperatures for different times of the day.

You can automatically reduce the temperature every night, for example, when everyone is warm in bed and you don’t need to keep the temperature up as high.

4 – Have the Professionals Tune Up Your Home

You can also bring in experts to assess and maintain your home. This can be as simple as tuning up your furnace and cleaning the vents for another season or as drastic as finally getting that old furnace removed and getting a new, high-efficiency furnace or humidifier installed.

Of course, this may seem like a big expenditure, but ultimately, it pays for itself with the savings you get over the years in reduced heating bill. You also command a higher value to your property because modernized heat/efficiency solutions are what new homebuyers want to see.

Integrity Comfort Solutions is here to help The Woodlands area homes keep their heating systems in good shape, or in taking the next step with an older home, adding both value and even more comfort with a heating system upgrade. Whether you just want your furnace to be maintained for the winter, or you want to pay less on your bills without compromising on warmth, we can help. Call us at 281-346-3095 and let us see what we can do for you and your home.