Cooling a sunroom can be a challenge in Conroe, Texas, especially if the room is a newer addition. Thankfully, there are several options to heat and cool a sunroom, ensuring you can enjoy the room this summer and all year long.

Extend Your HVAC System

The costliest option is also the one that adds the most value to your home. Extending your HVAC system will keep your sunroom at the ideal temperature throughout the year, making it an ideal option if you don’t plan to close the room off once summer is over.

Opt for Zoned Air Conditioning

A ductless mini-split system is a great solution for room additions because it’s flexible and cost-effective, working in areas of the home that don’t have any existing ductwork. Choosing a zoned system for heating and cooling your sunroom gives you more control over your utility bills because you can turn the air on and off separately from your home’s HVAC system.

Tint the Windows

Tinted windows help keep a room cool by restricting the amount of light that comes in. If you’ve already installed tint-less windows, however, you can purchase tinted film or shades to block excessive amounts of light. This option can be counterintuitive, however, as sunrooms are designed to let in the sunlight.

Use a Window Unit

Depending on the shape of your sunroom’s windows, you might be able to plug in a portable AC window unit to cool the room during the height of summer. Keep in mind, though, that this solution won’t add any value to your home, which can be a major downside if you plan on selling the property anytime soon.

No matter which solution you choose, it’s important to find a sunroom cooling solution that works for your family. Contact Integrity Comfort Solutions today at 281-346-3095 to learn more about our line of cost-effective air conditioning services and products that will have your sunroom feeling as cozy and comfortable as possible.