Whether an older unit or a brand-new HVAC system cools your Carlton Woods, Texas home, regular maintenance goes a long way towards reducing your energy consumption. Discover four ways that preventive maintenance saves energy and utility costs.

Ensures Correct Fluid Levels

One of the first items on any preventive maintenance checklist is checking critical fluid levels. When you join Integrity Comfort Solutions’ Service Club, we’ll make sure that your air conditioner has the right level of refrigerant, and we’ll also check for contamination by oil or other fluids. Since our Service Club includes two precision tuneups each year, you can rest assured that your fluid levels will always be optimized for energy savings.

Improves Airflow

HVAC systems aren’t immune to buildups of dust, dirt, or debris. Without regular maintenance, these contaminants can restrict airflow and cause your system to lose efficiency every time it cycles. We replace air filters for Service Club members, and we also do basic cleanups so that dust, pollen, and bacteria don’t bog down your system. Make a point of changing your air filter every month or two year-round to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

Prevents Condenser Blockages

In most air conditioning systems, the outdoor unit, or the condenser, can be prone to blockages. Since this unit performs a key part of the cooling process, a blocked condenser can cause significant energy loss. Rather than enduring a breakdown and calling for air conditioner repairs, schedule maintenance with our Service Club to keep your condenser free and clear.

Corrects Thermostat Issues

Programmable thermostats are essential in any eco-friendly home, but for full impact, you must use the appropriate settings. When you call Integrity Comfort Solutions for HVAC service, we’ll check your thermostat and help you set it for optimal savings.

Start lowering your energy consumption and your utility bills today. Call Integrity Comfort Solutions to join our Service Club, and save up to 30 percent on utility costs: 281-346-3095.