Whether it’s spring, summer or fall in Conroe, Texas, you can expect to find a heat wave right around the corner. If your home’s HVAC system can’t quite keep up with your cooling needs or your utility bills keep increasing, it’s time to try something new. From improved comfort to energy savings, to easy installation, get to know six reasons you should install a ductless air conditioning system.

Forget About Dirty Ducts

When your home uses a central air conditioning system to stay cool, it relies on hundreds or perhaps thousands of feet of ductwork. Brand-new ductwork can be a thing of beauty, but over time even it requires duct cleaning and repair. After all, dirty ducts can disperse allergens and airborne contaminants through your home, and leaky ductwork can increase your utility bills throughout the year.

With a ductless system, however, you’ll never have to worry about dirty or leaky ductwork again. Also known as mini-splits, these systems pump a cool breeze into your home right from the outdoors.

Install a New System Quickly and Easily

Whether you’re installing a central air conditioner for the first time or simply replacing an outdated unit, you can expect an installation that lasts for days, especially if extensive ductwork is involved. In contrast, ductless systems require a quick installation that’s complete in just a few hours.

Most ductless systems have an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units attached by a small conduit. Typically, mini-splits require a three-inch hole for the conduit, and as much as 50 feet can separate the indoor and outdoor units. When you call the knowledgeable technicians at Integrity Comfort Solutions, we’ll recommend a strategic placement for both units to make the installation even quicker and easier.

Direct Cooling Right Where You Need It

When you depend on a central air conditioning system for all of your cooling needs, you might experience inconsistent temperatures in your home. This could stem from countless issues, such as an incorrectly sized system or leaky ductwork, but the result is almost always the same. When the kitchen is too hot and the bedrooms are too cold, no one is comfortable.

A ductless system enables you to direct cool air right where you need it. Our technicians have experienced with installing mini-splits in kitchens, bedrooms, workshops, and even new additions to your home. We can even install several mini-splits throughout your home, effectively creating zones that you can cool individually.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality at the Same Time

If certain rooms or whole areas of your home never feel quite cool enough, chances are they also suffer from high humidity levels, poor ventilation, and other indoor air quality issues. When you keep your home comfortable with a ductless system, you can rest assured that you’ll improve your home’s air supply, too.

Many ductless systems filter the air, removing pet dander, pollen, mold, and more from circulation. Talk with us about the filtration options for our Amana MS8C mini-split air conditioner, and you might be surprised at how much this device can improve the air quality in your home.

Save Energy and Utility Costs

Even the newest and most efficient air conditioners can be energy hogs if you don’t maintain the ductwork. In fact, leaky ductwork can cause your HVAC system to lose over 30 percent of the energy it generates, which adds up quickly. Since they don’t rely on ductwork, and they only cool where necessary, our mini-splits can help you recoup some of the energy and utility costs you’ve been wasting.

Turn Up the Heat When the Weather Changes

Worried about what you’ll do when the chilly winter weather rolls around? Take a closer look at some of our ductless heat pump options and you’ll have your climate control need covered year-round. With our Amana MS8Z and MS8H mini-split heat pumps, you can keep cool in the summer and switch modes to warm up your home in the winter.

Ready to add a ductless air conditioning system to your cooling routine? Call the cooling experts at Integrity Comfort Solutions to discuss your options today: 281-346-3095.