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Your air handler is a critical element to your home’s cooling system. It functions by “pushing” cool air from room to room, ensuring that every nook and cranny receives the cool, comfortable air that many of our customers in The Woodlands, TX depend on in order to stay comfortable indoors. That’s why Integrity Comfort Solutions. makes maintaining and repairing your air handler a top priority, because when this unit breaks down, you’ll soon find yourself without any cold air at all.

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Why Did Your Air Handler Break Down?

Because air handlers are important components of your cooling system, they see substantial levels of day-to-day use which can cause them to wear out and break down. Some of the most common reasons for air handler malfunctions are:

  • An old unit. If your unit is older than 10 years, it has likely reached the end of its lifespan, and no amount of repairs and servicing will keep it functioning for long.

  • Dirty air filters. If your filters are dirty, your system has to work harder to push air around, which can cause it to wear down faster.

  • Mechanical problems. It’s normal for mechanical equipment to break down, and not uncommon to experience issues with the motor, belts, or other areas.

Why Choose Us? Here Are a Few Reasons

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  • We can customize to meet your needs: Our technicians are happy to discuss your budget and energy efficiency concerns and create a unique plan tailored to your needs.

  • Know what to expect with up-front pricing: Our technicians will provide you with a quote for service before the work begins, so you know what we’ll do, and how much it will cost.

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