Details About This Year’s Fall Checklist

We’re now moving out of the summer season and into the autumn, which means that homeowners should start thinking about making some seasonal preparations.

It’s not just the kids returning to school that’s going to be the biggest change around the home. If you have an HVAC system, there are things you can do to keep your heating and cooling systems smoothly operating as the seasons shift.

Outdoor Preparations

We don’t often get snow in this part of Texas during the winter, but that doesn’t mean it never happens, and that doesn’t mean it can’t get cold. Plants are going to respond appropriately to the consistent drop in temperature, and this can affect your outdoor equipment.

You’ll be using your air conditioner less, and eventually, stop using it entirely as winter arrives. In preparation for that, you should look at the condenser, the unit built just outside your home that pulls in air, cools it, and then pumps it into your furnace to be distributed around the home.

With the seasonal change, if you have trees on your property, leaves are going to be an issue. Your condenser is built with large open spaces to draw in air, and this makes it easy for leaves to pile up inside the unit, which can affect its performance. To save yourself some work, find a temporary cover to drop directly on top of your condenser.

Don’t buy a cover from the store that covers the entire condenser and leave it there for the winter season; this can hurt your condenser by allowing moisture to build up inside it. Instead, simply cover the top, and then remove that cover once all the leaves have fallen. Your condenser is designed to withstand winter in even harsher climates.

Indoor Preparations

If you have an integrated HVAC system, your air conditioner is connected to your furnace, and that means parts of your furnace—like your filter—have been doing their job for the entire summer season.

Now that things are cooling down, you’ll likely switch back over to your furnace, and if you do, make sure to put in a fresh filter for a new season.

Autumn and winter can often also bring in drier air, which can be itchy and uncomfortable. Some homeowners have humidifiers to remedy this, but they need to be prepared for the season too. Replace your humidifier filters, and do some cleaning to get out things like scales, or hard water deposits for more efficiency.

Have the Experts Help

For people that want to take no chances, it’s not a bad idea to bring in the professionals for some added maintenance. There’s a lot you can do on your own.

However, qualified experts are necessary to look at your furnace and AC components, judge how they’re holding up, and even do more technical maintenance such as cleaning out your air vents to ensure clear unobstructed flow.

If you do decide that you’d like some professional help, make sure you pick the right people for the job. Do your research and only select, licensed, qualified technicians working in the Woodlands, TX area that have verifiable reputations. Integrity Comfort Solutions is one such company, and as long as you make the right choice, you’ll be in safe hands, and enjoy another season of smooth, safe HVAC operations.