Sometimes the perfect spot for a rug or a piece of furniture is blocking an air vent. While covering a single vent may not seem like a big deal, your Alden Bridge, Texas, home’s air vents need to be free and clear to prevent HVAC problems.

The Air Circulation Balance

When technicians first installed your HVAC system, they did a load calculation to figure out what size your home’s AC and furnace needed to be to adequately cool and heat your home. A huge part of achieving the proper temperature in the house is air flow: that load calculation took into account how much air would flow through the system. It’s delicately balanced, which is why all the vents in your house need to remain unblocked.

The Usual Culprits in Blocked Vents

Furniture (especially upholstered furniture,) rugs, and curtains are typically what block vents in the home. When you block a vent with a textile, the entire AC has to work harder to pull air into the system and to push it out again. This extra work takes a toll: your AC will wear out faster and will consume more energy. Disrupted air flow may also cause humidity issues and refrigerant issues, both of which are harmful to your IAQ and your HVAC system.

By the way, the HVAC system isn’t alone in suffering damage. Putting your furniture near vents for long periods of time damages the furniture, too.

Fixing the Problem

Your vents need 18 inches of space. Rearrange your furniture and hem your curtains so you can provide them with the air flow they need. If you have no other choice, get a magnetic air deflector so that the air blows away from the nearby furniture.

Have you had an air vent blocked for a long period of time? At Integrity Comfort Solutions, we’ll perform maintenance on your HVAC system to find out if that blocked vent caused any lasting damage, and we’ll help your HVAC system perform better now that you’ve moved the furniture. Call us today at 281-346-3095.