Tuning up your furnace or heat pump is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to keep heating and air conditioning equipment in good working order. Dirty air filters are the primary reason that an air conditioner or furnace stops working. Cleaning a unit’s air filter regularly reduces the need for HVAC repair and prolongs the life of the unit.

Heat Pump or Furnace Tune-up Basics

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, a tune-up will examine all elements of an HVAC system:

  • Check thermostat
  • Clean filter
  • Check wiring and electrical connections
  • Inspect drains and tubing
  • Oil all moving parts
  • Adjust belts and clean blowers
  • Inspect duct seals for leakage

Furnace maintenance will also:

  • Check for carbon monoxide gas
  • Inspect vent pipe, plenum and flues
  • Examine heat exchanger
  • Remove soot or corrosion
  • Examine pilots and flame
  • a

The pilot and burners on oil and gas units are sensitive elements that can cause serious hazards if improperly adjusted. Although some aspects of tuneups can be completed by handy do-it-yourselfers, like changing the filter, gas and oil furnaces should be tuned up by a professional.

An HVAC repair and maintenance professional should service a heat pump each year. Heat pump maintenance is similar to air conditioning maintenance because a heat pump uses refrigerant to heat and cool. A tune-up will examine all of the elements of the system listed above as well as check refrigerant levels and clean the coils.

HVAC Contractor Services

Integrity Comfort Solutions has provided heating and air conditioning services in Conroe, Texas, and nearby communities for 35 years. Technicians are factory-trained and up to date in the newest HVAC technology, including furnace maintenance. Whether you have a traditional heat pump, heat pump maintenance can reduce the unit’s energy consumption by up to 25 percent. We service all makes and models of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

If you can’t remember when you last tuned up your furnace or heat pump, it is probably time to do it. For more information about our furnace maintenance services, please call 281-346-3095 to speak to one of our technicians.