Heat Pump Maintenance Tips For Hot Weather

Heat pumps that are well-maintained provide homeowners excellent energy efficiency and comfortable indoor conditions, even through the long cooling months in Texas. Heat-pump maintenance and care include both professional service and simple do-it-yourself tasks you can do between professional service checks.

With hot air, dirt and dust, the demands placed on heat pump systems in Conroe and Montgomery County rival the challenges of any other area in the country. This makes it that much more important to take care of your system to maximize performance and longevity. In fact, systems that are well-maintained deliver about 25 percent greater energy efficiency than systems that are not well maintained. Professional preventive maintenance by a heating and cooling pro involves the following:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the system of dirt and debris, including the condenser/compressor, evaporator and blowers.
  • Oiling all moving components.
  • Checking electrical components for snug connections and signs of wear.
  • Measuring blower airflow.
  • Checking drainage at the condensate line.
  • Inspecting for refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking refrigerant levels, and charging if necessary.
  • Checking for airflow obstructions at the outside unit, and checking the indoor air filter.
  • Ensuring the thermostat is functioning properly.

By staying on top of heat pump service, you’ll keep your system healthy enough to deliver maximum efficiency. In between professional preventive maintenance, you can perform a few simple tasks to help your system:

  • Check your air filter regularly. A clogged air filter hinders airflow, which is vital for energy efficiency. It also doesn’t filter the air as well as a clean one.
  • Take a look at the indoor coil and blower on occasion to make sure there is no dirt buildup. 
  • Dirt quickly builds up in the outside unit. Wash it off about once a month to keep it clean, and obstruction free.
  • Fences, bushes or any other obstacles should be more than a few feet away from the unit for optimal airflow.

A well-maintained unit means one more worry off you mind as you make summer plans. Conroe Air, the largest full-service heating and air-conditioning contractor in Montgomery County, TX, is proud to be your partner in keeping your home safe and comfortable.