healthy-lifeHomeowners Guide on How to Have a Healthy New Year

If the New Year’s Resolutions that you made at the stroke of midnight this past New Year’s Eve are long forgotten, we have some suggested changes that will benefit your health today. They are easy to incorporate into your routine and have significant benefit for your health.

We’re not talking about running a marathon or going on a diet; these healthy habits have to do with you taking care of your home’s air quality to make sure that it takes care of you.

Mold Inspection

Mold is a challenge for homeowners; its presence is common, quiet and sneaky and can wreak some serious damage to your family’s health. You could be getting sick and not even realize why.

That’s why having your HVAC unit and ducts inspected on a regular basis for mold is such a smart idea. If there is mold growing, the forced air through your HVAC systems is going to spread it everywhere through your home. Some common signs that there is mold include a musty smell in your unit. There may be mold growing in different rooms in your home, usually near vents.

Unit Cleaning

By the same token, when you consider that all the air your family breathes is getting pushed through your HVAC system, doesn’t it make good sense to get the entire unit cleaned and inspected on regular basis too?

The technician will take the components apart, inspect for damage and operational efficiency and give them a good cleaning. Of particular importance is the air filter and the grates and registers, which may collect lots of dust and debris, making it harder (and less healthy) for your air to pass through.

Time to Get Your Ducts Cleaned?dirty-air-duct

Over time, all kinds of unwanted residue, items, and even vermin can collect inside your ducts. Getting them cleaned out regularly is a smart move for your health; it is an absolute necessity if you’ve recently done renovations because of the likely dust inside there.

Benefits of Humidity Balance

Depending on the season, you are likely to have air that is drier or moister, and too much of either will create health problems for you.

In the winter, when the air is heated, much of the moisture is sapped out in the process. The result for the homeowner is dry, itchy skin, brittle hair, cracked lips and sometimes problems with respiratory infections. Super dry air can even cause damage to your wood floors and furniture. The answer to this problem is to have a humidifier installed that will re-introduce the right level of moisture back into the air.

On the other hand, too much moisture creates an ideal environment for mold growth. This is especially a problem in basements where you will commonly notice a dank, musty smell. Dehumidifiers strategically placed will help draw that extra moisture from the air.

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