The ceiling height in your home in Montgomery County, TX directly affects the temperature within your home. Your air conditioning and heating system must work harder to maintain indoor air comfort in rooms with tall ceilings, such as multistory great rooms. Our professional air conditioning and heating service technicians offer these tips for minimizing temperature variances in your home in Montgomery County, TX.

Ceiling Fan Installation
By installing ceiling fans into your Montgomery County, TX home, you can minimize temperature variance. Our professional air conditioning and heating service technicians can install a variety of styles of ceiling fans to fit in the style and decor of your home. Running a ceiling fan helps to circulate the cool air produced by your air conditioning system. During the winter months, reversing the direction of the ceiling fan will augment the work of your heating system by returning the warm air back down to the lower part of your home.

Ceiling Fan Placement
If your Montgomery County, TX home has a large great room, you may need to install two or more evenly spaced ceiling fans to get the best results for minimizing temperature variance. Our experienced and reliable service technicians will calculate the best ceiling fan placement for your space.

Other Factors
In rooms with tall ceilings, the placement of your air vents plays a factor into temperature variance. If your rooms have large windows or many windows, there may be more temperature variance than in rooms with smaller windows or few windows. A room with tall ceilings, many windows, and large open space will experience the greatest amount of temperature variance. Our heating and cooling service technicians will help you minimize the variance and improve the comfort in your home.