Is Your HVAC System Flooded?


For all of our neighbors, our Texan survivors, here at Integrity Comfort Solutions, our home, we wish that all of your homes and families are in complete safety. We know, however, that the storm may have caused damages to your house and/ or appliances.

Because of this, we would like to offer you some tips when turning your HVAC system back on, in the case that the equipment has been damaged by flooding, or rendered inoperable.

The following steps should be taken before returning the equipment to operation:

  • Any unit that is or has been partially or completely submerged must have the electrical power supply disconnected immediately.
  • The fuel supply to gas or oil burning equipment must be shut off.
  • Complete equipment service must be performed beforehand. Safe and proper operation of the equipment must be verified. The failure to do so can cause further property damage and/or personal injury.
  • The extent of the damage will depend on the depth of the flood water, water type (fresh, blackish, etc) and the length of time that the unit was submerged.

We are here to help and are ready to perform any evaluations necessary on your HVAC equipment. Please keep away from doing any fixes on your own equipment, we want absolutely no further harm occurring in our community.

Because of this, we are offering FREE second opinions on any flooded equipment. Call us at (281) 346-3095, for service you deserve from the people you can trust!