Regardless of the season, energy bills never seem to go away. However, installing a new programmable thermostat is one simple step you can take to reduce the cost of keeping the temperature of your home comfortable during every month of the year. Unlike older thermostats that are hard wired into a home’s furnace, innovative technology has brought new easy-to-install wireless models to today’s market. With benefits ranging from improved user convenience to greater system efficiency, there is no better time to upgrade your thermostat than the present.

New Programmable Thermostats Reduce Energy Costs

Programmable thermostats save homeowners money, which is especially noticeable during the seasons when utility bills traditionally spike due to increased heating and cooling needs. By programming the unit to fit your household’s schedule, your home’s temperature can automatically be adjusted to remain at comfortable levels when your family is active indoors as well as reducing energy use when the family is away or asleep.

While this technology has been available for some time, the assumed hassle and expense of installing a hard-wired programmable thermostat has most likely kept some people from upgrading their manually controlled units. Others may have kept their original and still serviceable thermostats because they found it easy enough to adjust the temperature manually as needed, and the benefit of potential energy savings alone did not appear large enough to warrant making a change.

Wireless Thermostats Are Convenient and Energy Efficient

Simply designed and highly effective wireless thermostats are reliably accurate when it comes to maintaining a desired temperature throughout the home. Although the thermostat’s receiver will still be hard wired to the furnace, the thermostat itself is transportable. It can be placed in the family room, the master bedroom or any spot that is to the homeowner’s liking and where it is most useful in regulating temperatures.

In addition, if your home’s thermostat was previously installed in a drafty location or in a spot where the sun’s light warmed it during part of each day, it can now be easily moved to a place where it will direct your HVAC system to heat or cool the entire home more efficiently around the clock.

How to Install a New Programmable Wireless Thermostat

Because no new wiring must be run and no wires need to be removed from the walls during installation of a new programmable wireless thermostat, this is an easy process that can be completed in less than an hour.

First, remove the old thermostat:

  • Turn off power to the HVAC system at the furnace and at the circuit breaker box.
  • Remove the old thermostat from the existing wall plate.
  • Disconnect the wires, labeling them according to which terminal each was connected to.
  • Remove the thermostat wall plate.

Install the new thermostat’s wireless receiver:

  • Using drywall anchors and screws, attach the wireless thermostat’s wall plate to the wall.
  • Match the thermostat wires to the wireless receiver’s terminals and connect them. If any wires are not needed, wrap their ends with electrical tape.
  • Snap the receiver onto the wall plate or screw it into place depending on its design.
  • Turn on the power.
  • Install batteries in your wireless thermostat and program it according to the directions included with the unit.

Once your new programmable thermostat has been installed, you are well on your way to enjoying the benefits of energy savings as well as an increased level of comfort in your home.