While browsing the Web for HVAC advice and information, you may have noticed the distinctive, circular NATE logo on certain heating and cooling contractor’s websites. You probably assume that NATE certification is a good thing, but should it really mean anything to you as a Conroe area homeowner? Let’s shed some light on the National Association for Technician Excellence, which plays a big role in improving the quality of service that consumers receive from the home comfort industry.

What Does NATE Do?

In a nutshell, this national, non-profit industry organization helps to ensure that heating and cooling contractors are well qualified to work in your home. To this end, the association created a voluntary program to help the most motivated HVAC professionals gain credentials by:

  • Technician certification: NATE connects career-minded HVAC technicians with classes and learning opportunities to gain knowledge in basic HVAC and specialties. Technicians aren’t required to take specific classes, but they have to know and prove their expertise.To pass the rigorous exams, technicians generally need to rely on HVAC field experience, in addition to knowledge gained in classes. Promoting education is a great accomplishment, of course, but NATE takes their mission one crucial step further. They also validate and certify the technician’s knowledge by requiring eligible technicians to pass nationally recognized, proctored exams across the US. One way to think about the NATE certification program is that it’s like getting an advanced degree in home comfort solutions.
  • Testing requirements: To earn NATE certification, technicians must pass a two-part national examination with a score of 70 or above on each part. One part of the test covers service and/or installation (the “core” certification) and also includes safety, tools, communication skills, electrical and the principles of heat transfer and total comfort.The second part of the test is in their chosen specialty, which can include A/C, heat pump, gas or oil heating, hydronics, senior HVAC efficiency analyst and more. The challenging exams are developed by a committee of industry experts.
  • Recertification: The story doesn’t end with technician certification, however. The organization also promotes continuing education for certified contractors, helping them to stay up-to-date on new developments in energy efficiency and technology. Certified NATE technicians must re-qualify every 5 years.
  • NATE recognized companies: When a heating and cooling business employs NATE certified technicians, the company earns official recognition from NATE. That’s where the logo comes from that appears on HVAC company websites and sometimes on uniforms of certified techs. To qualify, an HVAC business must have at lest half of its technicians certified.

How NATE Benefits You

By developing its certification program, the NATE organization has raised the bar on quality heating and air conditioning repair nationally, from their inception in 1997. No matter what kind of HVAC work you may need, hiring NATE-certified contractors helps you:

  • Get quality heating and air conditioning installation. Certified techs are thorough. When installing a home comfort system, they don’t cut corners. You can count on them to prepare load calculations in detail and properly size the system. Certified techs know that a sloppy installation can ruin the performance of even the most energy-efficient system. You can be sure your installation will be done right the first time.
  • Find out what’s wrong with your heating and cooling system fast. NATE-certified technicians can troubleshoot any type of HVAC equipment and quickly diagnose the root of the problem. Your technician will recommend solutions, explaining any options or trade-offs.
  • Get prompt, courteous and efficient service.
  • Save time. You’ll seldom need to make callbacks or returns.
  • Enjoy high level home comfort with professionally repaired equipment.
  • Save money on energy bills due to expert preventive maintenance.
  • Get clearly explained, accurate, professional HVAC advice from a skilled, experienced technician.
  • Put HVAC worries out of your mind, knowing that you have the best in the trade working on your home comfort system.

At this point, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the technicians at Conroe Air are dedicated, experienced, highly skilled and NATE-certified. Please contact us for all your home comfort needs.