North American Technician Excellence (NATE), based in Arlington, VA, is the leading non-profit certification organization for the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. NATE was founded in 1997. NATE's primary mission is to certify technicians and to professionally designate contractors with a demonstrated commitment to hiring NATE certified technicians.

The NATE certification process is rigorous and thorough. Technicians can be certified at the installation, service, or senior level in eleven specialty areas. The NATE Technical Committee, a group of industry experts, is charged with test development. The certification exam is vetted on an annual basis to ensure that it accurately captures the core competences employers expect technicians to have. Air conditioning and heating installation is one of the most important areas where expertise really counts.

Air conditioning and heating installation is a significant investment for homeowners. The three most important factors to consider when purchasing a new furnace is fuel cost, unit efficiency, and heating load. The cost of fuel has regional variations and largely depends on the predominant type of heating fuel used in a community. For example, in Conroe, TX and the greater Montgomery County area homes are almost evenly divided between utility gas (41%) and electricity (55%) to heat their homes. Heating load is defined as the amount of energy needed to maintain a consistent 65 degrees indoors. Having a NATE certified technician repair or install your heating or ac unit means you will have the benefit of their experience and knowledge working for you.