Saving Energy and Keeping Your Home Hot Can Go Hand in Hand This Winter

Energy Efficient
With the winter season almost upon us, homeowners across the country are now considering how they can maintain their comfort in the winter season while reducing their energy costs.

Our team in The Woodlands, TX has decades of experience in the home maintenance marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll explain more how to save energy and keep your home warm this winter, without cranking your heating system to its max.

Insulate Windows

Window InsulatedOne of the leading mistakes many homeowners make in considering home maintenance tasks is ignoring their windows.

Windows should be insulated effectively to minimize the amount of cool air that can enter the home from the outside and the amount of warm air that can escape the property.

Ask local home repair professionals to take a look at the property. They may add weather stripping to the windows to keep the air from entering your home during the winter season.

Caulk Window Frames

Caulking Window Another area in which air can escape from the home is through the window frames. Over time, window framing begins to degrade and come loose from the exterior of the home.

This can allow cool air and contaminants into the property during the window season. Adding caulking to your window frames this winter will serve multiple benefits.

For example, it can help to seal in the warm air and ensure you consolidate your heating costs throughout the winter season. Caulking can also create a watertight seal around the window framing, preventing moisture from ice and snow from entering the home. This is ideal in climates where freezing temperatures often cause moisture to build-up on the exterior of home windows.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling FanOne way in which you can reduce your energy costs this winter season is by simply reversing your ceiling fan direction. By switching the direction of your home fans, the cool air in the home is drawn upwards, thereby helping heat the lower areas of the room.

This simple home maintenance task can save you as much as 10% on your home heating costs throughout the winter season.

It’s time to take on the tasks that will help protect your home and your family as the cool weather arrives across the country. Speak with your local home maintenance professional if you have any questions about the tips outlined in this article.