The town of Conroe, Texas, seat of Montgomery County, is located 40 miles north of Houston. It has 132.25 hot days and 232.75 cold days, according to climate data. This makes it an ideal place for the installation of an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit for climate control. These units are available for local or central installation in the building, and require professional installers who are acquainted with such things as safety, health, and environmental guidelines.

The latest high efficiency heat pumps have features such as electric resistance heaters, as a backup for cold weather, and burners, to supplement the heat pump. The combustion fuel of the new units can be natural gas, oil, propane, and even wood or coal. Two speed compressors allow the unit to operate at the correct heating or cooling capacity needed and some models have a desuperheater, which recovers surplus heat from the heat pump’s cooling cycle, to heat water. With all of these changes, it has been found that the unit is also economical.

When it is time to install, or replace, an HVAC unit, Conroe AC will send one of their professional personnel to take measurements, determine and recommend what type of unit is best to install, explain what the unit will do, and provide an estimate of the cost. It is extremely important that the unit be properly sized if the correct air flow is to be attained. Air conditioning and heating installation should always be done by a company with proven experience in the field.

Today, with professional air conditioning installation, and proper air conditioning and heating repair, it is possible to enjoy clean, fresh air, regardless of the time of year. To receive the maximum benefits from the system, both in comfort and savings, it is necessary that any air conditioning and heating repair be made as soon as any problems with heat or air are detected.

If there is already a unit in place, it should be checked on a regular basis to see if any repairs are needed. This will save energy costs. Having a well known company do these repairs or complete an air conditioning and heating installation, will assure you of comfortable living all year round.