Is It Time to Start Thinking About Your Home’s Heating System?


In a place where there are four seasons and winter’s one of them, the fall signals that it’s time to start putting some thought into your furnace. And if you haven’t looked at, touched, or even thought about your home heating system since last spring, then it’s even more important that you give your furnace some TLC right now. On top of making sure you have heat for when the cold weather hits, these necessary maintenance steps will also help you keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently for many more winters.

Does the Filter Need to Be Replaced?

Yes, furnaces have filters, and yes, they need to be replaced! Monthly, in fact. Why? Because the filter in the furnace traps dirt, dust, and other particles that would otherwise enter the heating system. And not only can that dirt and dust clog your furnace and ducts, but it can also get into the air you breathe and exacerbate health problems like asthma and allergies.

Eco tip: Invest in reusable filters that you can remove, clean, and replace every month.

Check Your CO and Smoke Alarms

The health and safety of your family depend on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that are in good working order. To test the devices, just press the test button on each one and wait for the beep. Don’t hear a beep? Replace the batteries and test again. Still, don’t hear a beep? Replace the device.

Green tip: Replace the batteries in each device monthly, and rotate the old batteries to remotes or other electronic devices.

Knowing How to Check Your Pilot Light

Everyone knows the old joke about if your fridge is running then you’d better catch it, but if your pilot light is out, then you’d better relight it—immediately. A faulty pilot can lead to a gas buildup in your house, not to mention that your furnace won’t work. To inspect the pilot, remove the assembly cover and look for a blue flame.

Safety tip: If you need to relight the pilot, turn the thermostat down first to avoid a flare-up, or call for professional help if you’re unsure.  

Is Your Unit Clean?furnacedust

If you don’t know the last time your furnace was vacuumed or dusted, then it’s time to do it now. Just like changing the filter, dusting the unit can remove dust from the furnace, the ducts, and the air. Eliminate the bolts covering the blower unit, fit a vacuum with a small brush attachment, and dust areas like the:

  • Burners
  • Blower and blades
  • Base of the unit

When a Replacement Makes More Sense

To decide if you should replace or repair, first, consider the type of repair you need. Is it safety related? If so, can it be fixed without compromising the safety of your family? If the answer is no, then a replacement is your only option. Otherwise, consider the age of the unit and the cost of repairs. A new unit is good repairing, but that’s not necessarily true of a unit that’s nearing the end of its 15- to 20-year life.

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to pay some attention to your furnace.  If you decide that it’s time for a replacement and new installation, the experts at Integrity Comfort Solutions in The Woodlands, TX are here to help. We can also assist with basic maintenance and repairs, and other heating issues around the house too, so don’t hesitate to call 281-346-3095 today and book an appointment.