If you live in Conroe, TX, you know first-hand just how important your air conditioning and heating system is to your home and to your family’s comfort throughout the year. This area of Texas can experience unbearable heat throughout the extended summer months, and the humidity of the area exacerbates the heat. Winter months can be frigid, and many times there is nothing better to do than hunker down inside and enjoy the warmth of your home while cold winds blow. If you have contacted a furnace repair professional to visit your home recently, you should take time to ask him these three basic questions to ensure optimal performance of your unit in the months and years to come.

1. Do You Provide Annual Service Contracts? One of the best ways to prevent air conditioning and heating repair year round is to have your unit serviced regular. This preventive check can spot possible issues before you turn the unit on, and it can ensure your system operates in the most energy efficient manner. With an annual service contract, often you will get first priority on your preventive service maintenance.
2. Does My Home Have Enough Insulation? Many times, an air conditioning and heating repair professional can do a quick review of the insulation in your attic to ensure your home is properly insulated. A more thorough review may require another appointment specifically for that purpose. Ensuring your home has enough insulation can help to prevent air conditioning and heating repair as it can ensure your unit does not run more than necessary and burn out prematurely.
3. Do I Need New Air Conditioning and Heating Installation? If your unit is more than a decade old, this is definitely a question worth asking. A professional can tell you the pros and cons of new air conditioning and heating installation in your home, and he or she can often provide you with a time frame for how much longer your existing unit may last.

Your HVAC service professional is in your home to service all of your HVAC needs, and by asking these questions, you can learn more about your options for running your system in the most energy efficient and cost effective way