A wise man once said, “air conditioner maintenance is the true key to comfort”…at least, someone probably said that. Let’s face it, maintenance on your air conditioning unit is crucial for its upkeep and your comfort level! Let’s talk about what the major benefits are to having routine AC maintenance done on your system.

Saves Cost Down the Line

With having your AC routinely checked, you’re ensuring money in your pocket down the line. As with most services, if you have an emergency situation, the cost of the repair may be so much more than you expected. So, with a routinely scheduled check up, you’re avoiding those emergency situations.

When you have a routine set up, you’re usually on a scheduled payment plan. This allows you to thoroughly plan for those visits – kind of like a monthly bill – which also prevents you from that emergency cost.

Ensures the Long Life of Your Unit

As with any major appliance or auto, constant checks and maintenance keep the thing running longer. Your AC system can have a long life, if you ensure yearly or scheduled check ups.

It’s a No Brainer…

Having routine AC maintenance saves you money, ensures the life of your system, and prevents any unexpected emergency calls to your AC team. Have Integrity Air of Woodlands do a check up of your AC unit. We’re the doctor your unit needs! 281-346-3095.