A heat pump is an outstanding multi-season comfort solution for homeowners in The Woodlands, TX. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, this option is much more effective at dehumidification than an air conditioning unit. It also provides more efficient heating than other electricity-based methods. However, it is important to pay attention to signs of trouble to avoid serious heat pump repairs. In some instances, troubleshooting can identify simple solutions that require no professional assistance.

Evaluating Temperature Problems

A temperature problem with your system could be quite simple. If your unit is blowing hot instead of cold or cold instead of hot, verify that the thermostat settings are correct. In many cases, the wrong operation is programmed, and a quick change resolves the problem. However, heat pumps also have defrost functions to prevent ice from building on the condenser units. In this case, your unit may run without the fan. However, some cold air might move through the ducts in spite of the fan’s idle status. When the defrost cycle concludes, normal function will resume.

If the system is blowing hot or cold air as expected but not at the level desired, there could be a refrigerant leak. To verify actual temperatures, use a thermometer to measure the conditions in various rooms. You may need to seek professional assistance with the unit.

Troubleshooting Airflow Issues

If the airstream from your system is weak, you could be dealing with a duct problem, especially if this is an isolated issue in just part of the house. If the problem is consistent in all rooms, your evaporator coils or air filter may be the problem. An air filter change is quick and simple. However, dirty evaporator coils require professional maintenance.

If Your Heat Pump Won’t Operate

Check your fuse box to ensure that your switch is on. If everything is fine at the box, you can contact us at Integrity Air Solutions to schedule a service call. Learn more about our heat pump repairs, or call our office at 281-346-3095 for an appointment.