Two-Stage Cooling: Count The Ways You’ll Benefit From It


Homeowners in the Conroe and Montgomery County area are wise to consider two-stage cooling systems, as their high-tech compressors offer countless benefits. With a compressor that can operate at two stages, instead of just one — full-speed — a two-stage cooling system produces a more comfortable home and helps you save energy.

How it works

A high-efficiency air conditioner generally uses a two-stage compressor to power up its efficiency. Having the ability to adjust its operations, depending on weather demands, a two-stage compressor can choose a lower speed when temperatures are moderate and then ramp up to high speed when temperatures start to soar. In this way, you have a system that can precisely meet your home's cooling load any time of the summer.


Because a two-stage cooling system automatically selects its output according to weather demands, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Comfort — A two-stage compressor most often operates at its lower speed, which, depending on the make and model, generally runs at around 65 percent capacity. As a result, the system runs almost continuously instead of starting up at full speed and then quickly cycling off, a process that produces uneven home temperatures. With continuous operations, however, your home feels comfortably cooled.
  • Energy savings – When your two-stage cooling system runs at its lower speed when temperatures are mild, you save energy because your system isn't operating at full speed. That kind of output isn't necessary. So in effect, you're paying only for the amount of energy that your system needs to adequately meet the cooling load of your home.

With the power of a two-stage cooling system, you'll be delighted with your investment. High-efficiency systems boost home comfort, generating even home temperatures, and saving you energy. For more information about two-stage cooling systems, contact Conroe Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration today. We serve Conroe and Montgomery County, and we’re always happy to help.