Being able to keep your home cool in the summer will greatly depend on the condition of you HVAC unit. It’s ideal to try to resolve any issues on your own before calling a professional to help you. Knowing specific things to check on your AC beforehand could save you the cost of a service call.

Electrical Power

You will want to ensure you have electricity before you call a professional. It’s common for some people to experience an outage, and the AC unit will go out because of this. However, overlooking the fact that you don’t have electricity is sure to be money wasted if you do call a repair company.

Circuit Breaker

During extremely hot temperatures, your AC unit may simply be running too much, and this could cause a circuit in your home to trip. When a breaker goes out that’s connected to your unit, you will not have the cool air inside that you want.

All you will need to do to remedy this problem is to reset the breaker in most cases.

Air Filter

If you suddenly have a lack of cool air in your home and it’s warmer than it should be, you may need to change the air filter. This will only take a few minutes and will help keep the temperature in your home cooler at a lower cost to you.

Experts recommend that you put in a new air filter at least every three months to help your unit run efficiently and to work properly.

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