While buying a new high efficiency ac system might seem costly at first, it’s an investment that will pay off in the years to come because of improved efficiency and increased system longevity. That’s because new air conditioning systems include advanced technologies that outmatch and outlast older models. If you’re debating whether to purchase a new high efficiency AC system for your home, consider the following two benefits.

A New High Efficiency AC System Operate More Quietly

Until recent years, loud air conditioners were a part of everyday life for homeowners. In exchange for cool air on a hot summer day, you’d receive an increase in the decibel levels in and around your home. Today, thanks to SilentComfort™ technology, air conditioners operate at a much quieter level.

In addition to having a variable-speed motor, which operates at a high and low rate according to your home’s cooling demands, new air conditioners equipped with SilentComfort™ technology ‘ramp up’ gradually. This eliminates the sudden ‘kick’ or blast of air when the AC turns on.

New AC Systems Operate More Efficiently

Although your air conditioner’s noise levels might be of importance to you as it relates to your comfort, it’s likely that your ultimate goal is to save energy – and money! If your new air conditioner comes armed with Precise Comfort™ technology, you’ll be able to accomplish all of that and more.

When you turn on an air conditioner that has Precise Comfort™ technology, it’ll adjust the airflow by small amounts. While this might not sound significant, it provides a number of benefits: your air conditioner doesn’t work harder than it has to, your air conditioner lasts longer, and it maximizes energy efficiency and savings.

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