Scheduling seasonal tune ups are perhaps the most important step that you can take to get the best service from your HVAC system. Here’s why tuneups are so important.

Maintaining Efficiency

Tuneups help your HVAC system maintain a high level of performance year after year. Without proper attention, its efficiency can gradually slump. Small annual decreases can lead to significant problems and long-term expenses. Regular filter changes and checkups are essential for protecting your system and extending its lifespan. Well-maintained heat pumps and air conditioners last longer and require fewer repairs. Tuneups will also improve your comfort during the hot Texas summers.

Avoiding Breakdowns

An HVAC breakdown on a sweltering August evening is a nightmare for homeowners. Although we offer 24-hour air conditioning service, breakdowns are still costly and inconvenient. Compared to the expense of parts and labor, a tuneup is an affordable and smart investment. Spring and fall tuneups help to ensure trouble-free cooling and heating. They also help to prevent larger repairs, such as replacing the solenoid valve or compressor. Just one major air conditioning repair can significantly add to the cost of ownership.

In fact, a lot of ac components can potentially fail on your system, particularly if they go for a while without maintenance. Watch this video:

Schedule air conditioning service and maintenance from Integrity to keep your system at peak efficiency.

Saving Money

Maintenance can help you save money. First, tuneups improve efficiency and keep your utility bills low. Second, you’ll save money with each air conditioning repair that you prevent. Third, your HVAC system will last longer. According to the Department of Energy, most central heating and air conditioning equipment can last for 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. In the long run, it costs much less to keep your equipment in good shape instead of dealing with frequent repairs and premature replacements.

If you haven’t scheduled air conditioning service this year, now is a good time to make your appointment. To learn more about the practical and financial advantages of tuneups, visit our air conditioning maintenance page, or contact Integrity Comfort Solutions. To reach our us call¬†281-346-3095.